Helpers for a healthy future

english-03 ome time ago I had to realize , that nowadays I’m feeling better than years ago. Thanks to very good and competent doctors natural health professionals, an unbelievable chinese doctor and many, many little home remedies, called helpers, which have been discovered by browsing the internet, talking to friends and neighbors and reading many good books and newspaper articles.  This situation caused the wish to collect all those remedies in one central place, so people can decide easily for themselves, what to try or better not.

english-03have tips for you which food is good for what, exercises to make for a healthy body. Relaxing tips, everything there is to feel well.

english-03 have also written a book, which you can buy at Amazon, but it is only available in German, so sorry for my English spoken readers.

english-03ince we have the internet, for me the world has become much more interesting. Many people are complaining, and I know of course all the disadvantages of our times. But when I think of the times, when we had to go to a library to get information about something, then to copy the pages, to work with them at home, and when we were at home, we had to realize, we hat forgotten to copy a certain page, and the whole process started anew. Or I had typed a complete page and at the bottom I forgot a word and had to type the complete page again… Many things have become easier, and better and worse. I always try to explain that we are in the midst of developing a new key technology – there have only been three so far, the wheel, the steam engines and electricity. We have to learn to live with it.

english-03nterested in topics concerning health the internet is a whole ocean of information, you only have to catch the best fish… So I would be happy if you caught the fish here in my blog.

Thank you